Take action! Spread the confidence message.

You are an important part of the confidence movement! Whether in your home, at school, on campus or through a blog, use your voice to boost confidence in women and girls.

Share a Confidence Coalition video or uplifting message on social media. Participate in the “You Make Me Smile” Campaign. Encourage others to sign the Confidence Pledge. Reach out to women and girls on International Women’s Friendship Month or International Girls Day.

Spread Confidence.

Participate in the "Catch Confidence" or “You Make Me Smile” campaigns to share the confidence message with women and and girls in your community. It’s easy to do! Just select your method for delivering positivity (cards or balloons), write confidence-boosting messages on them and hand them out to women and girls of all ages.

Make a Difference!

Take steps to make a difference in the lives of women. Find out more:


Created by Kappa Delta Sorority for all Women & Girls